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About Us


My name is Jim and I'm a proud representative of USA Chemical Corp. I've been with the company since it was formed. USA Chemical Corp. started out selling one product, a grout cleaner called Grout Sensation.

You might think that was a ridiculous business plan, but the secret to success was that Grout Sensation was no run of the mill ordinary floor grout cleaner. It cleans grout in 10 seconds, literally, without harming it.

That's why the Hilton Hotel Corp. put USA Chemical Corp. on it's preferred vendor list. Now in 3 years time Grout Sensation is being sold all over the country in 49 states, Canada, and the Caribbean not only to Hilton Hotels, but numerous hotel chains, businesses, schools, universities, and hospitals to boot.

USA Chemical Corp. is also an Ace Hardware vendor.

Now USA Chemical Corp. has new products that clean just like Grout Sensation... cleaning fast!

USA Chemical Corp. supplies Brevard and Indian River County FL. school systems, about 250 schools, with Grout Sensation and our other new cleaning products.

Rick, the founder of USA Chemical Corp. was Vice President of a very large chemical supply company that grossed $40 million per year. He broke away from that company to make cleaning products unlike anyone had ever seen. He has multiple chemists working to create cleaning products that are truly cutting edge and extraordinary.

Rick and I are good friends, practically family, and he has told me many times he never wants to walk into a place and hear "Yeah, that looks like it cleans like all the others..." He wants to hear "Holy ****! I can't believe how well your products clean!" That's what Rick and I want to hear you say too!

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