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Biozyme Training Guide

Biozyme (Odor Eliminator/Drain Maintainer)

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1. Wear chemical resistant gloves. (Suggestion Only)

2. Wear safety goggles. (Suggestion Only)


Biozyme can be used on any surface.


Any surface that has an odor from an organic source.


1. Carpets or fabrics – Spray Biozyme liberally on the area that has an odor using a pump sprayer or spray bottle. Cover the sprayed area if possible with a damp towel for 1-2 hours. As long as Biozyme is wet the enzymes will continue to eat the bacteria causing the odor. After 1-2 hours lift damp towel and let Biozyme dry. No other action is required unless you wish to clean the spot after with a cleaning chemical. Repeat if odor still exists.

2. Hard surfaces (Floors, metals, plastics) – Spray Biozyme liberally on surface with a pump sprayer or spray bottle. Let Biozyme dry slowly turning off fans or other ventilation to allow the product to stay wet longer. Repeat spraying if the odor still exists after drying. After Biozyme is dry and the odor is gone wipe the surface with an all purpose cleaner of floor cleaner like our product Mach Speed to remove any residue left from the Biozyme.

3. Kitchen sink and bathroom drains – Pour 2-3 ounces of Biozyme down the drain and let sit without running water for 1-2 hours. No other action required.

4. Toilets – Pour 2-3 ounces of Biozyme into toilet water and flush once. Do not flush again for 1-2 hours. No other action required.

5. Laundry – Pour 2-3 ounces of Biozyme into clothes washer set on small load with no other detergents added. Let the washer carry out its cycle draining the product down the drain. Wait 1-2 hours before using washer again.

Note: Do not use Biozyme with another cleaning chemical because the enzymes in Biozyme will die and not work to eliminate the odor. Use Biozyme separately from any other cleaning products.



Biozyme can be used daily or weekly for recurring odors such as in public bathrooms and to maintain various drain types. Biozyme can be used per occasion for all other non recurring odors.