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Mach Speed All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser Case (12 Quarts)

  • Mach Speed all purpose cleaner/degreaser is Eco friendly and the best degreaser you will ever use. Mach speed leaves surfaces sparkling squeaky clean with no residue left behind.
  • Mach Speed comes concentrated and can be used as strong as needed. Diluted 10:1 is great for an all purpose cleaner and inexpensive too!
  • Mach Speed saves you time cleaning by blasting through all types of dirt, grime, and grease. Tubs are no match for Mach Speed!
  • Mach Speed gets bugs off cars in no time flat and can also get stains out of carpet and upholstery.
  • Mach Speed is blue in color and has a pleasant scent!
  • Just 2 ounces of Mach Speed all purpose cleaner/degreaser in a bucket of mop water makes amazing daily or weekly floor cleaner. Look how Mach Speed dries like a glass cleaner with no streaks or residue left behind. Cut through dirt, grime, and grease like no other cleaning product!
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Mach Speed is a true all purpose biodegradable non-acid cleaner that can be used in so many ways. Mach Speed comes in a concentrated solution and cleans so fast and thorough you will be addicted after the first use. You can even mix Mach Speed with bleach or a disinfectant to make an incredibly potent two in one cleaning product saving you even more time cleaning!

This cleaner has unmatched degreasing ability and literally dissolves grease on contact leaving a squeaky clean, sparkling no residue no streak finish. Soap scum is no match for this cleaner either, simply spray on, let soak, and wipe off.

Mach Speed not only can be used on sinks, toilets, counter tops, painted walls, tile, marble, and granite, but can also be used on cars. Mach Speed removes bugs from cars at lightning speed. It can be used on any car rim surface. It cleans plastic, leather, vinyl, carpet, and fabrics.

Mach Speed can be used as a carpet pretreat spray removing stains on carpet or fabrics. It can be put in pressure washing tanks to clean a multitude of outdoor surfaces.

Incredible degreaser for restaurant kitchens!

Dilution Rates (with water):

1:1 to degrease car engines and to remove oil spots from driveways
5:1 (6 oz makes a quart) for strong all purpose cleaning
10:1 (3 oz makes a quart) for light cleaning and very heavy floor cleaning or floor wax striping
1-2 oz per gallon for daily floor cleaning
50:1 in pressure washer tanks

Note: Do not use on glass or mirrors.

Add Mach Speed to your cart to speed up your cleaning and make your life easier!

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1. As an all purpose cleaner (5:1 to 10:1 dilution with water) – Spray on soap scum, grime, grease, scruff marks on walls, bugs on cars, and wipe clean. For tougher spots let product sit for 30 seconds up to 3 minutes then wipe clean. Always let the product work for you so you don’t have to work as hard. Makes marble and granite countertops shine. A brush can be used for tough soap scum in grout lines of showers and hard to reach areas.

2. As a floor degreaser (10:1 dilution with water) – ½ quart bottle can be mixed with 2 ½ gallons of water to degrease the toughest grease on floors.

3. As a daily floor cleaner (1-2 oz per gallon of water) – Mop tile, marble, granite then let dry.

4. As a driveway cleaner for oil spots etc. (1:1 dilution with water) – Fill a pump sprayer with Mach Speed diluted 1:1 and spray 25 ft. x 25 ft. sections of driveway at a time or directly on problem areas. Scrub with a deck brush and hose or pressure wash off. The product can also be used in a pressure wash tank at 50:1 dilution.

5. As a stain remover for carpets and fabrics (5:1 to 10:1 dilution with water) – Spray Mach Speed on the stain soaking it, let sit 3-5 minutes, then extract with an extraction machine using water only in the tank, or fold a clean towel and blot up cleaner repeating soaking and blotting until stain is gone.

Note: It is important to neutralize the spot where the Mach Speed was used afterward with water because Mach Speed has a high alkalinity. If the spot is not neutralized dirt will be attracted to the cleaned area after it dries. Soak up water or extract after neutralizing and let dry.

Note: Mach Speed will not take the oxygen out of carpet fibers or fabrics, meaning that it will not preset stains.

6. As a carpet cleaner (10:1 dilution with water) – Spray Mach Speed on carpet with a pump sprayer dampening it and let sit 1-3 minutes. Use an extraction machine with only water in the tank to neutralize and extract the product.

Note: Mach Speed will not take the oxygen out of carpet fibers or fabrics, meaning that it will not preset stains.

7. To remove hard water mineral deposits (full strength to 5:1 with water) – Spray Mach Speed on water spots and let sit 30 seconds to 3 minutes then brush and wipe clean with a towel.




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Product Reviews

  1. Cleans so fast and dries so well! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jan 2013

    Kudos to making a product that cleans so fast and dries with no streaks! You would think you were using a glass cleaner, I've never been disappointed! You've got a loyal customer here!

  2. Best degreaser! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jan 2013

    I've never used a degreaser that works like this product. Exceptional!

  3. best cleaner i have ever used!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jan 2013

    i recommend this cleaner to everyone because it cleans like crazy! i use it for everything!

  4. Used this on a greasy kitchen floor 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2012

    I used this degreaser on an Arby's kitchen floor and it left that floor with no grease at all when I was done. Best degreaser I have ever used! Great work making these products!

  5. Amazing! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2012

    I can't believe how quickly this stuff works! I've used many cleaning products over time and none compare to this one! I'm so glad i found this company!

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