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USA Chemical Corporation's Grout Sensation!

GROUT SENSATION (Ace item # 1560622) and the GROUT BRUSH (Ace item # 1560341) 

For sale at ACE HARDWARE! Save money by going to your local Ace Hardware to buy!

If your local Ace Hardware doesn't have them on the shelf yet give them the numbers and ask them to order for you from their warehouse!

Below are amazing videos of how fast Grout Sensation cleans grout. Grout Sensation is very mild, can clean any color grout with NO bleaching, and does NOT have strong fumes.

Grout Sensation is currently sold at 290 Ace Hardware stores across 12 states, and USA Chemical Corp. has been a Hilton Hotel vendor for 8 solid years because of Grout Sensation!

Grout Sensation is the BEST ceramic or porcelain tile floor grout cleaner you will ever find hands down!


Watch this video! (The brush in this video is not the one sold at Ace Hardware)


Grout Sensation floor grout cleaner removing permanent marker!

(Brush in this video screws on a mop handle and is sold at Ace Hardware)


Grout Sensation Shower & Wall (Not at Ace Hardware yet)


Mach Speed All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser


Glass Sensation Glass Cleaner